EMS is a Family Office Firm. These types of firms are typically reserved for the very wealthy, often serving only a client, where they design all of the key components of your financial life, from asset protection, to estate planning, and other key components, which are overseen by a dedicated team. At EMS, we use a holistic approach to manage your financial goals, from maximizing earnings to preserving wealth, ensuring a smooth legacy transition or exit strategy from your business, or other specific goals that may be unique to your vision. We are able to give you a level of service generally reserved for the ultra-wealthy.


To our discerning clients we provide:

Consulting Services:which combine our three areas of expertise: tax strategy, business management, and financial oversight. Our goal is to develop a long term relationship to help you keep your hard earned money. With a personalized tax strategy, our goal is to look at the big tax picture, and align it with your goals and/or needs and then execute them. Quality tax returns as well as audit representation are also included in your strategy. Business management goes hand in hand with tax strategy as they are co-dependent on each other for success. We will help you not only reach your business goals, but optimize your performance, as well as analyze opportunities for growth. Just as a house is built on a foundation, any strong business has to have strong set of “books” from which to make informed business decisions. That is why we provide accounting services that fit with your specific needs. We are capable of everything from general bookkeeping, to payroll, to full charge accounting using Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), in addition to financial statement preparation and analysis.

In providing our consulting services to our clients, our goal is to provide you more in tax and business savings than we actually cost you.

Tax Services: We are able to provide tax form preparations for corporate income tax forms, partnership income tax forms, personal income tax forms, payroll tax forms, sales and use tax forms, and business property tax forms. We have an unmatched reputation in tax preparation as well as audit defense.